Friday Flash – 200 words at a time – Part One!

Writing short fiction pieces has become my new favorite thing. Chuck’s TerribleMinds blog has a new one up for this week – 200 words at a time. This challenge is to write 200 words (duh) to be the start of a piece for next week. Next Friday the challenge will be to write 200 additonal words onto a story (not your own) written this week. So forth and so on until the work totals the usual 1,000 words. Fun!

This little gem popped into my head tonight for my entry. I’m not titling it since I have no clue what direction it might take with the next writers. Wound up with 199 words – Enjoy!

200 Words – Part One

Blustering winter wind was violently blowing her long brown hair back as she looked over the 103rd floor rooftop ledge. The rooftops were normally locked, but she had a pick and skills to undo them. Her internal fire and heat sinked clothing kept her warm where normal people would have felt cold. Her eyes scanned the darkening skyline and she rocked mindlessly onto the balls of her feet and back down.

She had lost sight of him just as he jumped over the edge of the roof, laughing in a way that told her he no longer cared about his own life, and so could not possibly care about others. After his leap he stopped midair to laugh at her, mocking her, screaming “You call yourself a super hero?! Come and get me if you’re so super!” He flew off, knowing fully well she couldn’t fly. She had to find him. Time was running short.

She stayed there until stars were popping out and she knew it was unlikely he’d return, and futile that she’d be able to see him in the dark. Heroic actions would need to be taken, and she knew just the girl to take them.


3 thoughts on “Friday Flash – 200 words at a time – Part One!

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