Feast On This!

Lament no longer, dearest readers, I am back! My absence from this blog was largely unintentional. The steam power I ran on for NaNoWriMo disappeared once the holidays started hitting. I have been meaning to post some sort of update for a few weeks and just haven’t found the time to squeeze it in. Not writing flash fiction has been a huge hole in me lately too. I may have an update on that front coming soon too. Stay tuned!

For now, I bring you my review of A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin. This is my first book finished for 2014! I’ve set a goal on GoodReads of reading 25 books this year. Previous years I’ve set the goal at 50 and haven’t even come close. Which is demoralizing. 25 should be more than doable if I don’t let myself get distracted by . . . hey what is that shiny thing?!

A Feast for Crows coverFor a while I have been feeling like I’d lost my ability to read lengthy novels. Now, I’ve realized I haven’t lost that ability. I just needed material I wanted to keep reading. And thus, another edition of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, finished! [Read More]